Club Dues Registration Fees
2012-2013 Competitive Club Dues


  • All Coaching Fees 
  • All Team Training Fees 
  • As a US Soccer Development Academy Club, we follow US Soccer curriculum for the 4 components of the game - technical, tactical, physical & psychological - in all Chargers Soccer curriculum.
  • All Goalkeeper Training Fees
  • 10-month calendar (August - May)
  • 2-3 practices per week depending on age group & game schedule rhythm. 
  • In addition to your community based club team, Player development opportunities for intra club training & play.
  • Access to higher level and diverse local, regional and national leagues
  • As a Nike Premier club, access to the annual Manchester United Premier Cup open to U14s boys & girls.
  • FYSA Player Registration Fee
  • US Club Soccer Player Registration Fee
  • Primary League Team Registration Fee
  • Referee Fees for all Primary League Games
  • Club Overhead Costs (field maintenance, field equipment, lights, administrative expenses, website, etc.)
  • Professional player feedback through online evaluation system
  • Proactive & Visible Directors of Coaching and Technical Staff
  • College Planning & Recruitment Professional Staff Support
  • An active & updated Website
  • Plentiful club communication & social media
  • Rain Out Field Closure Text Messaging System

Depending upon the age and playing level of a team, there may also be Team expenses (which are items not covered by Club Dues). Those items may be: Tournament Registration Fees, coach travel expenses for away tournaments, State Cup/Region Cup fees, referee fees for non-league games, special events your team may want to participate in, etc.  Your Coach or Team Manager will provide information to you about any team expenses for your child’s team.  Additionally, during the season the club provides fundraising opportunities to club families to help offset these team expenses.


U9 & U10:  $675 + a reimbursable $100 Volunteer Fee + a $100 Raffle ticket purchase

U11 & U12:  $875 + a reimbursable $100 Volunteer Fee + a $100 Raffle ticket purchase

U13 & Up:  $1,050 + a reimbursable $100 Volunteer Fee + a $100 Raffle ticket purchase 

NOTE:  If comparing the Chargers SC Club Dues to fees reported by other area clubs, please ensure that those fees are all inclusive of the items listed above as they are with the Chargers SC.  Some clubs report registration fees, but then have added (and not well advertised) costs such as additional fees for coaches and/or trainers or referee fees.  Many clubs cannot offer to their members all of the items listed above.  Please make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

For the 2012-2013 season, we have eliminated the previous requirement that Clearwater & Lakewood Ranch members volunteer X number of hours.  You now have the opportunity to pay a $100 volunteer fee and if you choose to volunteer at least 10 hours, you will be refunded your $100 volunteer fee.  If you do not have the time to volunteer, no problem. 

For players chosen for Clearwater teams, please note that the City of Clearwater requires that all non-City of Clearwater residents must purchase a Recreation Card directly from the City.  Click here for more information on the City’s website - see "Recreation Cards" listed in their left margin.  


Volunteerism is an essential and wonderful element to the success of the Chargers Soccer Club. Although we would love to have all families involved with all the great club activities throughout the season, we appreciate that not everyone has the ability or the time to volunteer.  This season a $100 volunteer fee will be assessed up front for each player.  For those that do not wish to volunteer, nothing further will be required by the club. 

For those that would like to volunteer and/or would like to have their $100 Volunteer Fee reimbursed, all you will need to do is volunteer just 10 hours this season in a club organized role and your $100 fee will be reimbursed to you.  We will have a volunteer hours tracking form that you will need to have completed at each event for submission.


The Raffle is our call to you to partner with the club in providing the best soccer opportunities we can offer to your children.  Each player will pay $100 worth of raffle tickets (10 tickets) with their club dues.  Then each family will have the option to keep their tickets for themselves or sell the tickets and get back their $100 investment.  Hopefully, we have made it easy for you to sell your tickets.  The raffle will have a car and electronic gadgets such as iPhones, iPads, notebook computers and other desirable prizes.  The raffle drawing will be held at the club’s Labor Day Showcase Tournament and there will be opportunities to sell additional tickets to help offset your club dues or team fees.   


Uniforms will be Nike this season and the uniform order will be handled through a separate online order system this season.  Parents will be given the link from their team manager to go online shortly after tryouts to complete an online order and pay for their child’s uniform.  The total cost of the mimimum required uniform kit will be $123 (the club is passing on to members the "club" discounted rates which are significantly less than retail).  The mimimum uniform kit order includes: 2 jerseys, 1 game shorts, 1 game socks, 1 practice shirt, 1 practice shorts, 1 practice socks plus logoing and numbering.    The system will let you know what needs to be ordered as well as provide sizing information.  Parents will also have the opportunity during that online process to purchase additional items, should they wish, at the club’s discounted rates such as extra practice shirts, extra socks, etc. to avoid having to do laundry every night.  Players that do not currently have a Charger Nike backpack will need to order the backpack for $27 for uniformity on their team.   NOTE:  The prices posted for each uniform piece in the online uniform ordering system already include sales tax (Uniform Kit:  $123 + 7% tax = $131.61 give or take some rounding and Backpack:  $27 + 7% tax = $28.89).        


Once a coach offers a roster position to a player during tryouts, in order to accept and lock-in acceptance, players will need to pay their non-refundable commitment fee and register online.  Until those steps are done, the player’s position will not be guaranteed and a uniform cannot be ordered.

Families have 2 options to pay the balance of their Club Dues:   

Option 1 - you can pay at the time of online registration the full amount listed in the Club Dues section above (including the non-refundable commitment fee of $200) OR

Option 2 - you can pay in five (5) installment payments where the non-refundable commitment fee is the first of those payments and the balance is paid over the next four months in July, August, September & October on the day of the month as your first payment.  We offer this extended payment option to help families fit it into their monthly budgets.  Because the Chargers SC staff expends additional time tracking & collecting incremental payments, the payment plan option includes an added $5 convenience fee with each payment (a $25 convenience fee total for all payments).   Note: There is no convenience fee added if club dues are paid in one payment at the time of registration - Option 1 above.  

See 5-payment plan breakdown below.
Due Dates
U9 & U10
U11 & U12
U13 & Up
$675 + $100* + $100@
$875 + $100* + $100@
$1,050 + $100* + $100@

Commitment Fee upon being offered a roster position on a team

July 2012
August 2012
September 2012

October 2012


   * Reimbursable Volunteer Fee

   @ Raffle Ticket Purchase

During tryouts, if your child is offered a roster spot, the coach will provide them with information to stop back at the check-in table to provide their commitment fee payment.  Parents will then go online to complete the official registration.  That system will give you the ability to register your child(ren) and provide yours & their information.  We will also have the ability to accept credit cards, debit cards and echecks online as well as payments by cash, check or money order for each of the payment due dates outlined above. 


For those families that need a more extended payment plan than what is listed above, please contact your Team manager or Kathleen Shelton (Kathleen@ChargersSoccer.com) to obtain an Extended Payment Plan Application form.  There are also limited opportunities to be considered for scholarships.  The Scholarship Application Forms have also been emailed to your team manager or contact Kathleen directly.   The deadline for Scholarship Applications is 6/22/12.  All applications with supporting documentation must be received by then to be considered by the Executive Board.  Please email your packet to Kathleen@ChargersSoccer.com or mail it to Kathleen at Chargers SC, P.O. Box 47026, Tampa, FL  33647.