Playing Up Policy & Tryout Procedure

Playing Up:  The practice of playing “up” (i.e. with teams that are one or more years older than the individual player) is a privilege which may be granted based on a Soccer Directors’ approval. Playing up more than one year out of age group also requires approval from the FYSA Director of Coaching, with recommendation from CSC Directors.  In all cases, the player’s developmental readiness in all areas will be carefully assessed, beginning at tryouts, with a view towards creating appropriate challenge for that player.  Beyond the basic physical, technical, tactical, and psychosocial criteria, the player’s ability to play a significant amount of time (defined as……starting/75% of minutes….?) must also be determined.  Sitting on the bench on an older team is rarely a developmentally useful activity!  Recent changes in rostering rules have made it possible to have players “guest” with teams on a temporary basis to help assess their readiness, without forcing team to use up roster spots.  Directors must also take into consideration the impact that playing up can have on the respective teams, in terms of taking away spots (and playing time) from other “on-age” players, or unduly weakening the younger team’s roster.


CLICK HERE to reference the 2014-15 Age Group Matrix

Tryout Procedure:  All new players (those that did not play with the Chargers SC this past season) will be required to attend the first tryout with their own age group.  At the conclusion of that trial, with the concurrence of the DOC and head coach, players may attend (or be invited to attend) other trials outside their own age group for the subsequent tryout sessions.  Current Chargers players who are currently (seasonal year 2013-14) playing up are exempt from this requirement for the 2014-15 tryouts.