Live Nation Amphitheatre & Raymond James Stadium Concessions Fundraising


Hi All Chargers Competitive Families,

Are you starting to think about Tryouts and Next Season's Club Registration Fees?  Would you like to know more about a way the club offers Chargers families to make money to go toward your registration fees as well as team fees and other soccer expenses?  Would you like to start making money now and have next season's fees totally covered early on in the season without coming out of pocket?

We have families that successfully do this and it can work for you, too!

As a non-profit corporation, the club has the ability to organize groups of members to work events held at the Live Nation Amphitheatre & Raymond James Stadium (concerts, Bucs games, etc.).  The larger the group we have for each event, the better stands we can have and therefore, everyone makes even more money.  And you have the ability to pick any available event that fits your schedule.

The way it works is that the group works the event and the club is paid a percentage of successful sales.  15% of each payment goes directly toward the management & organization hard costs of the fundraiser.  The balance (85%) is divided equally between the workers for that event and applied directly to their soccer expenses *.  Many times, tips are earned in addition to that.

Just recently 8 club members each made $96.22 from one event.  Another event recently brought $120 each to 11 members.  Yes, of course, there are events that provide payouts as low as $45 each, but those are the exception not the rule.  During the 2013-14 season a small group of members have earned more than $16,000 for their soccer expenses.  We know that it can be much higher and can help many more families.  Over the years we've learned that the more workers we have per event, the more each person makes from the event.  Several participating families have both parents working . . . so they earn 2 shift payments doubling their earnings.  Also, several members participating work out extended payment plans for their club registration fees so they can pay their fees throughout the season from these fundraising earnings without coming out of pocket at all.

Do you want to cover your soccer expenses without coming out of pocket or not have to pay as much?  Here's all you need to do:

Contact Steve Vestinos ASAP to let him know you want to be included on the event distribution list and to schedule for the Alcohol Class. ( or 727-515-6805).  

  * It takes about a month for the event checks to arrive and about 1 week to calculate everyone's earnings.  Then each family is provided an itemized statement.

@ TIPS (Training for Intervention Procedures) or TEAM (Techniques for Effective Alcohol Management) classes train people to responsibly serve, sell and consume alcohol and a TIPS or TEAM certification is required to work these events.  The classes are held at the Amphitheatre and lasts less than 1 hour.  We understand that it costs about $16 and once you have your certification, it is good for 3 years.