Beau Schenecker 6 On 6 - Schedules & Team Check-In
April 27, 2013

Dear 6 On 6 Participants: 
Schedules have been posted for the upcoming 11th Annual Beau Schenecker Memorial 6 On 6 Tournament on Saturday, May 4th and 
Sunday, May 5th, 2013

Click here for the Schedules.

We need one team – a U16g (or a U15g that wants to play up) to fill that bracket.  Please call Jim DiNobile ASAP to claim this free spot !!!

PLEASE NOTE:  We are using 2 different field sites. 
30th Street Fields – for U9-U12 girls & boys
New Tampa Community Park (NTCP) – for U14-U17 boys & girls.

Please make plans to check in your team at least one hour before your first game on Saturday May 5th at the Chargers 30th Street Fields (for U9-U12) & New Tampa Community Park (NTCP) (for U13+).  Click on the Field name for their addresses & directions.


You will need to provide the following (without this information, your team will be unable to play):


·          Each team MUST submit an official roster (not older than thirty days) plus one (1) copy, both of which include a list of uniform numbers for each player.

·          Maximum roster size is 12 players.

·          Guest players must have a completed guest player form signed by their primary club representative.  It should be attached to the original roster, and a copy of the guest player form attached to the copy of the original roster.  Rosters must include uniform numbers for guest players.  Hand write in the guest player’s info at the bottom of your roster and present their player pass & medical authorization with the rest of your team.  A maximum of four guest players allowed per team.

·          Club pass players (players that are rostered to a different in your same club are not considered, and do not count toward your, guest player count.  For club pass players, hand write their info at the bottom of your roster and present their player pass & medical authorization with the rest of your team.

·          For those teams that have registered two teams (as two halves of the same team), please: 

o        make 2 copies of your normal Official roster (one for each half of your normal team labeled with their 6v6 name designation),

o        cross off each player not playing on each half of the team so that each player is only playing on one of your 6v6 teams for the duration of the tournament

o        then make an additional copy of each of those

o        and attached any guest player forms.

·          Laminated and current player passes

·          Each team shall present current medical releases for each player including guest and club pass players.

·      It must be noted to the Site Director during initial check-in if there are any absences for players/coaches that will not be playing due to illness or disciplinary reasons.  For serving red card suspensions, it shall be the coach’s responsibility to ensure the information has been documented on the game report and verified by the referee with his/her signature.  Failure to do so shall be evidence that all players on the roster did in fact participate in the match, and may result in the player/coach receiving an additional game sanction(s).

Lastly, parking will be very hectic at both field sites so please allow enough time to park.

We all look forward to an enjoyable weekend of 6 On 6 Tournament action.

Kathleen Shelton

Chargers SC Business Direction

Email:  Kathleen@ChargersSoccer.com