10 Chargers - Senior Soccer Challenge

10 Chargers - Senior Soccer Challenge

For the past 25 years, the Senior Soccer Challenge has organized the annual All-Star competition between the chosen best 22 Pinellas County senior players (boys & girls) vs. the best chosen best 22 Hillsborough County senior players (boys & girls).  Nominations come up through the Pinellas & Hillsborough counties high school coaches to form these 4 teams - 1 girls & 1 boys All-Star team from each county.  This year's event was held this past Friday night, March 2, 2018.

We are excited to share that 10 Chargers were chosen to play on their county's senior all-star team (see below).  What a great honor!  Ryan Jewell was also named MVP for the Pinellas boys team.  Congratulations to all !!

Player Name High School Chargers Team
Pinellas All-Star Boys
Carr, Keegan East Lake CLW B1999 Premier
Godinez, Jonathan Countryside CLW B1999 Premier
Godinez-Pastor, Ivan Countryside CLW B1999 Premier
Jewell, Ryan CCC CLW B1999 Premier
Karamihalis, Kyle East Lake CLW B1999 Premier
Ortega, Devin Clearwater CLW B1999 Premier
Young, Dallas East Lake CLW B1999 Premier
Zolper, Drew Shorecrest CLW B1999 Premier
Hillsborough All-Star Girls
Wetherington, Eva Plant HFC G1999 Premier
Pinellas All-Star Girls
Verdensky, Zoe Osceloa CLW G2000 Select


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