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Clearwater Competitive - 2018-2019 Season
Registration Fees & Other Information

This page has a wealth of information for all soccer families. Feel free to scroll through the entire page or click on the links below to go directly to particular sections.

Here’s What You Get For Your Registration Fees
Registration Fee Info
Payment Options & Due Date
Extended Payment Plans & Scholarship Grants



  • ALL Coaching Fees
  • ALL Team Training Fees
  • ALL Goalkeeper Training Fees
  • 10-month calendar (August - May) *
  • 2-3 practices per week depending on age group & game schedule rhythm. *
  • Kidsafe Program - background checks for all coaches, team managers, etc.
  • FYSA &/or US Club Soccer Player Registration for player & coach passes as needed for league play
  • Primary League Team Registration Fee
  • Referee Fees for all Primary League Games
  • Club Overhead Costs (field maintenance, field equipment, lights, administrative expenses, website, insurances, etc.)
  • Professional player feedback through various methods
  • Proactive & Visible Directors of Coaching and Technical Staff
  • As a US Soccer Development Academy Club, we follow US Soccer curriculum for the 4 components of the game - technical, tactical, physical & psychological - in all Chargers Soccer curriculum.
  • In addition to your community-based club team, player development opportunities for intra club training & play providing cross-community Select teams.
  • Access to higher level and diverse local, regional and national leagues (click here for more info)
  • College Planning & Recruitment Professional Staff Support
  • Admin Support Help Desk Ticket System – email to
  • NEW - Online fundraising system for members to fundraise for team & club registration fees.
  • An active & updated Website
  • Plentiful club communication & social media feeds
  • Rain Out Field Closure Text Messaging System




8u - 10u: $996 (includes a $100 Reimbursable Volunteer Fee) - equates to $22.64/week

11u & 12u: $1,212 (includes a $100 Reimbursable Volunteer Fee) - equates to $27.55/week

13u & Up: $1,400 (includes a $100 Reimbursable Volunteer Fee) - equates to $31.82/week.

VOLUNTEER FEE (already included in Registration Fee - reimbursed after 10 volunteer hours):

Volunteerism is an essential and wonderful element to the success of the Chargers Soccer Club. Although we would love to have all families involved with all the great club activities throughout the season, we appreciate that not everyone has the ability or the time to volunteer. As part of the Registration Fee, there is a $100 volunteer fee. For those that do not wish to volunteer, nothing further will be required by the club.

For those that would like to volunteer to receive their $100 Volunteer Fee reimbursement, just volunteer 10 hours in a club-organized role and document each shift with a Charger staff member signature on a 2018-19 Volunteer Log Form.  When you get to 10 hours total, submit it and let us know if you would like that applied to your club dues balance, team fees balance or a mailed check.


Please note that the City of Clearwater requires a valid City of Clearwater Recreation Card (good through 12/31/18) to be purchased/renewed at the applicable resident or non-resident fee in order to practice and play on City fields.  All players must supply a copy of their purchase/renewal receipt to the club by 8/25/17.  Failure to do so will result in a $180 City Rec Card invoice added to your Scheduled Payments and charged to you no later than 9/15/18 through your child’s Got Soccer account.  The invoiced amount will be used to cover what the City will charge the Club for your child’s lack of a current City Rec Card.  Please note that if the club pays the fee to the City on your behalf, your child WILL be able to use the fields for soccer; however, the City WILL NOT issue you a Rec Card to use for other City purposes. You can only get that if you purchase it directly from the City of Clearwater.

For more information, please go to the City Of Clearwater Parks & Rec site.


Depending upon the age and playing level of a team, each team also has separate TEAM EXPENSES based on the activity choices made for and by that team (which are items not covered by Club Registration Fees). Those items may be: Tournament Registration Fees, coach travel expenses for away tournaments, State Cup/Region Cup fees, referee fees for non-league games, special events your team may want to participate in, etc. Your Coach or Team Manager will provide information to you about any team expenses for your child’s team and will collect those fees separately.

NEW this year, we now have an online fundraising system for members to fundraise for team & club registration fees.  More information will be passed on through your Team Manager.




After tryouts, if your child is offered a roster spot, you will be provided a registration link & directions to complete the official online registration through Got Soccer.  That online system will give you the ability to register your child and set up your payment option & method.  Acceptable forms of payment are credit cards, debit cards and echecks online.   Families have 2 Options to pay their Club Registration Fees:

Option 1 - PAY IN FULL - you can pay at the time of online registration the full amount listed in the Club Registration Fees section above (including the non-refundable commitment fee of $250). This is the least expensive option as it does not include the convenience fee that the Option 2 payment plan includes. Pay in full and save money!!


Option 2:  PAYMENT PLAN - you can pay in installments where the $250 non-refundable deposit is the first of those payments and the balance is paid over the next five months starting in August on the 15th of each month. We provide for the time gap between your deposit and your first payment in August to allow time to purchase your uniform kit and pay any initial team fees. We also offer this payment option to help families fit it into their monthly budgets. Because the Chargers SC staff expends additional time tracking & collecting incremental payments, the payment plan option includes a convenience fee added to the overall fees. Note: There is no convenience fee added if club dues are paid in one payment at the time of registration - 1 above.

See 6-payment plan breakdown below.


8u - 10u Teams

11u & 12u Teams

13u & Up Teams

$996 Reg Fee

$1,212 Reg Fee

$1,400 Reg Fee

+$35 Conv. Fee

+$40 Conv. Fee

+$50 Conv. Fee


Non-Refundable Deposit





August 15, 2018





September 15, 2018





October 15, 2018





November 15, 2018





December 15, 2018









The Chargers SC continues to be a proud Nike club. For the upcoming 2018-19 season, competitive families will purchase their Nike uniform kits through WeGotSoccer, a premier national-level online team uniform vendor for more than 20 years.

The WeGotSoccer online Chargers store includes not only the 2018-19 required uniform kit, but also a Fanwear page full of hoodies, warm-ups, t-shirts, jackets, hats and other great Chargers Fanwear products. Uniform orders need to be placed by 6/20/18. Fanwear can be purchased anytime throughout the season.

CLICK HERE for all uniform ordering detail.




Extended Payment Plans: For those families that need a more extended payment plan than what is offered above, the we offer Extended Payment Plans (EPP). Submit your complete EPP Form to the Admin Team through the Chargers Support Ticket system by emailing it to or by mail to Chargers SC, P.O. Box 47026, Tampa, FL 33646. Once the extended plan is approved, your payment amounts & due dates will be modified in your child's Got Soccer account and you will receive a confirmation email.   CLICK HERE for the 2018-19 Extended Payment Plan Application.


Scholarship Grant Applications: There are also limited opportunities to financial-need based scholarship grants for families that cannot make it work with an Extended Payment Plan & Fundraisers. The deadline to submit a Scholarship Application is 6/15/18. All applications with supporting documentation must be received by then to be considered by the Executive Board. Please confidentially email your packet to or mail it to Kathleen Shelton at Chargers SC, P.O. Box 47026, Tampa, FL 33647. Your information will be held in strict confidence!! CLICK HERE for the 2018-19 Scholarship Application form.

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