Reg Fee Payment Options & Due Dates


After tryouts, if your child is offered a roster spot, you will be provided a registration link & directions to complete the official online registration through Got Soccer.  That online system will give you the ability to register your child and set up your payment option & method.  Acceptable forms of payment are credit cards, debit cards and echecks online.   Families have 2 Options to pay their Club Registration Fees:

Option 1: PAY IN FULL - you can pay at the time of online registration the full amount listed in the Club Registration Fees section above (including the non-refundable commitment fee). This is the least expensive option as it does not include the convenience fee that the Option 2 payment plan includes. Pay in full and save money!!


Option 2:  PAYMENT PLAN – although Chargers competitive programs are NOT pay-as-you-go programs, to help our families fit soccer in their monthly budgets, you can pay in installments where the non-refundable Commitment Fee deposit is the first of those payments and the balance is paid over the next six months starting in July. We provide for the time gap between your deposit in May and your first payment in July to allow time to purchase your uniform kit. Because the Chargers SC staff expends additional time tracking & collecting incremental payments, the payment plan option includes a convenience fee added to the overall fees. Note: There is no convenience fee added if club dues are paid in one payment at the time of registration - Option 1 above.

See 7-payment plan breakdown below:

  7u Teams 8u - 10u Teams 11u & 12uTeams 13u & Up Teams
$500 Club Reg Fee
+ Convenience Fee
$996 Club Reg Fee
+ Convenience Fee
$1,262 Club Reg Fee
+ Convenience Fee
$1,450 Club Reg Fee
+ Convenience Fee
Non-Refundable Deposit
(part of commitment fee)
$100.00 $150.00 $150.00 $150.00
7/15/2019 $70.00 $147.00 $192.00 $225.00
8/15/2019 $70.00 $147.00 $192.00 $225.00
9/15/2019 $70.00 $147.00 $192.00 $225.00
10/15/2019 $70.00 $147.00 $192.00 $225.00
11/15/2019 $70.00 $147.00 $192.00 $225.00
12/15/2019 $70.00 $146.00 $192.00 $225.00

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