Annual Club & Team Registration Fees



7u - 8u: $525 (excludes a Reimbursable Volunteer Fee) - equates to $11.93/week

9u - 10u: $890 (includes a $100 Reimbursable Volunteer Fee) - equates to $20.23/week

11u & 12u: $960 (includes a $100 Reimbursable Volunteer Fee) - equates to $21.82/week

13u & Up: $1,050 (includes a $100 Reimbursable Volunteer Fee) - equates to $23.86/week.


VOLUNTEER FEE (already included in Registration Fee for 9U & up - reimbursed after 10 volunteer hours):

Volunteerism is an essential and wonderful element to the success of the Chargers Soccer Club. Although we would love to have all families involved with all the great club activities throughout the season, we appreciate that not everyone has the ability or the time to volunteer. As part of the Registration Fee, there is a $100 volunteer fee. For those that do not wish to volunteer, nothing further will be required by the club.

For those that would like to volunteer to receive their $100 Volunteer Fee reimbursement back (and thereby reducing your registration fees), just volunteer 10 hours in a club-organized role and document each shift with a Charger staff member signature on a 2019-20 Volunteer Log Form.  When you get to 10 hours total, submit it and let us know if you would like that applied to your club dues balance, team fees balance or a mailed check.



Each team also has separate TEAM EXPENSES based on the activity choices made for and by that team (items that are not covered by Club Registration Fees). Those items may be: Tournament Registration Fees, coach travel expenses for away tournaments, State Cup/Region Cup fees, referee fees for non-league games, special events your team may want to participate in, etc. Your Coach or Team Manager will provide information to you about any team expenses for your child’s team and will collect those fees separately. 

NEW THIS YEAR!!  Each year right after tryouts families have had to pay their $250 Commitment Fee, buy their uniform PLUS each team has needed to begin to collect monies to fund the upcoming team activities/tournaments.  It is a lot all at once.  SO, to help out families & support the Charger teams, the Club will share a portion of your Commitment Fee with your child's team account.  The Team Portion of your Commitment Fee (the yellow highlighted column in the chart below) will be collected during your child's official registration for the new season and will then be transferred to your team account in your child's name.  

Commitment Fee Breakdown:


Reg Fees   Team Fees   Total Commit-
ment Fee
U7 - U8 $100 + $50 = $150
U9 - U10 $150 + $50 = $200
U11 - U19 $150 + $100 = $250

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