HOT! Tournament Updates

Check back regularly for HOT! tournament updates.

8/23/14 - HOT!!!  see "Roster Preparation & Team Check-In" link in the right margin 

8/23/14 - see "Tournament Logistics" link in the right margin w/ great info about everything tournament.  

8/30/14 5:20 - "We are currently under weather delay sine 5:20PM.  GAMES HAVE NOT BEEN CANCELLED.  We have a minimum 30-minute delay and are assessing the clearing.  All players and coaches are to leave the fields and wait in their cars.  When we are ready to restart, we will notify all, and you will hear the 3 short blows of the airhorn annoucing the clearing."

8/30/14 6:14pm - "Due to the multiple lightning delays and the radar of weather to coming, games will not resume tonight.  Info on the schedule adjustments will be emailed and posted on the website later this evening."

8/30/14 7:30pm - Following the guidelines of the Weather Delay Procedures pertaining to the games that were in process at the time of the weather delay plus the last batch of scheduled games after that, here is the update:  Since the weather delay was quite lengthy not leaving enough of the day left (and since the games times are already shortened and similar weather is expected late tomorrow), none of those games will be rescheduled.  The games that were in process and started their 2nd half at the time of delay, their score at that time will stand as the final score.  For those games that hadn't yet started or did, but were still in their first half, those games will be scored as a 0-0 tie.  We'll see everyone tomorrow.



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