Roster Preparation & Team Check-In


As a Got Soccer tournament we print game reports from the Got Soccer system.  Each game report lists the full roster list of both teams.  The referees use the report and your player passes to check in your players.  As such it is required that all players playing with your team for the tournament MUST be listed on your tournament event roster in your team account.   We will be “freezing” the event tournament rosters in the Got Soccer system Tuesday morning, Aug 26th in order to prepare the tournament game cards and check-in documents, so please complete your online rosters prior to Tuesday morning.

To set up your tournament roster . . .



Important Note:  The Got Soccer team account you used to apply to our tournament MUST be the same team account where your club registrar has rostered your players for the new season.  If you registered with a different team account, please contact us right away at, or  

CLICK HERE for step by step directions to prepare your tournament roster in your team account – removing Primary Players not playing in the tournament, adding any Club Pass Players & adding any Guest Players.  Just follow the easy step by step instructions.  Then jump to Team Check-In info below for dates & times and what documents to bring.



If your team will be playing in the tournament using US Club Soccer passes or are USYS from a state association that does not use Got Soccer for registration, CLICK HERE for the quick and easy steps to set up your tournament roster in the Got Soccer account you used to register for the tournament.  Then jump to Team Check-In info below for dates & times and what documents to bring.




Check-In is mandatory at one of the two check-in nights.  Due to the sheer number of games starting Saturday morning, there are NO team check-ins Saturday morning.  

Wednesday, August 27th, 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Eddie C Moore Soccer Complex – Chargers Club House
3060 Drew St. Clearwater, FL 33759

Friday, August 29th,  5:00 – 8:00 pm
Mainstreet at Lakewood Ranch (just 6 miles from the fields)
8100 Lakewood Main Street, Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202
Click here for the MainStreet Overview Map- look for the designated soccer parking


What to Bring to Check-In

  • 1 Completed Visitor Questionnaire & Emergency Contact Form (printed, completed & brought to team check-in).

  • Official Roster - either FYSA, other State association or US Club Soccer
    • this is not the event roster or a print out of the roster page in your team acct.  This is the Official roster provided to you by your club registrar.
    • write in at the bottom your club pass players & guest players
    • cross off any of your primary players not attending the tournament
    • make sure jersey #s are listed for each player (& the #s should be in your team acct, too)
  • 1 Guest Player or Loan Form for each guest player that is from OUTSIDE your club. You will need the form completed and signed by the guest player’s Club Registrar or Agent of Record.  (Please Note:  “Guest” players from within your own club are called “Club Pass” players and you do not need Guest Player forms for Club Pass players).  All Guest Players & Club Pass players need to be added to your tournament roster in your Got Soccer team account (see link to directions above).  Also, guest players must have the same type of player passes as the rest of the team (all USYSA passes or all US Club Soccer passes). 

  • Laminated Coach & Player Passes - either USYS State Association (2014-15 seasonal year) or US Club Soccer passes (valid thru 8/1/2015).  All coaches & players, including Guest Players & Club Pass players, must have valid, laminated player passes with photo.   All participants must all be from the same rostering organization (All USYS or all US Club passes; teams cannot mix credentials)

  • Player Medical Release Forms – 1 for each and every player (they do not need to be notarized - just signed & dated)

Last key point - Players may only play for 1 team in the tournament.

Please take a moment to re-read the Tournament Rules in preparation for the weekend. 

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