6-5-7-15 Symposium Summary

Summary of the AS Roma / USA Academy Symposium, Rome Italy June 5-7, 2015

The nine member US Soccer Development  Academy Clubs of the  AS Roma / USA Academy; Chargers SC(FL), Patedores(CA), Real So Cal(CA), Crossfire(WA), Scott Gallagher(MO), Vadar(MI), Boston Bolts(MA), Players Development Academy(NJ), and Real Colorado(CO) met in Rome, Italy at AS Roma Trigoria Training Facility and the Rome Olympic Training Facility, on June 5-7, 2015.

This was the follow up meeting from the initial AS Roma / USA Academy meeting in January, 2015 in Miami Beach, FL USA.

The purpose of the meeting was to bring together the nine member US Soccer Development Clubs to AS Roma to start to develop and define what the mission of this partnership is and what it can be.

June 5, Friday

The first part of the AS Roma / USA Academy Symposium kicked off with a dinner reception at the             ”Le Cave di St. Ignazio di Pantalone Sabatino” This welcoming dinner was an opportunity in an informal atmosphere to reconnect  relationships with the USA Academy Club  representatives and to discuss ideas, objectives and expectations  with  the staff of AS Roma .

June 6, Saturday

The first part of the AS Roma Symposium started at the Trigoria Training facility. The main focus was to present the AS Roma philosophy and methodology in its approach in developing best player practices, both on and off the field.

Bruno Conti, Head of Youth Development for AS Roma, along with CEO Italo Zanzi and owner/USA Academy Director Alex Zecca along with its AS Roma Coaches and Administrative staff presented in detail the expectations of AS Roma and the USA Academy project.

AS Roma presented its best practices of training methods, and performance principles.  The AS Roma utilization of software, databases, statistical analysis, scientic methods, scouting, and self-evaluation analysis using modern tools and methods to maximize its performance potential.

The second part of the day was involved taking the opportunity to observe coaching principles and methods in an AS Roma u14 (2000) training session. The session was an interactive situation to watch and ask questions of the training session with the entire AS Roma Staff.

The afternoon was spent by watching some of the AS Roma youth teams and local youth teams play in a tournament that recognized and honored a local community leader.

Dinner followed back in Rome at the “Ai Spaghetteri” while taking in the  Euro Champions League final: Juventus vs Barcelona.   Capping  a very  special day and evening with AS Roma!

June 7, Sunday

The third day of the AS Roma/ USA Academy Symposium took the group to the Rome Olympic Village and facilities  to meet with the AS Roma Performance and Fitness experts Ed Lippe and Delancy.

At this presentation many principles were communicated concerning the metabolic component of the player and team activities that centered on training, physical therapy, data and performance.

Also presented  was a holistic conceptual plan that involved supply chain management: Active management and relationships.

  1. Plan   2. Source   3. Product    4. Return    5. Deliver    6. Profit/Loss: Win!

Discussion followed on motivation,  principles, periodization, organizational charts, objectives and philosophy as a staff

CEO, Italo Zanzi addressed the group in summation with the following take a ways and objectives:

  1. Communication and follow up
  2. Upcoming Milk Cup participation as a collaborative AS Roma / USA Academy ,  July 25- August 1, 2015 in Ireland and Scotland
  3. Upcoming AS Roma training in Toronto, Canada with the USA Academy best 2003 players and AS Roma coaches and the u20 AS Roma team
  4. 2016 Winter AS Roma / USA Academy Tournament and Symposium hosted by Chargers SC in Florida with the nine Clubs and u14 and u16 AS Roma teams and other international guest teams
  5. USA Academy players and teams training and visit to AS Roma Olympic training facilities
  6. AS Roma Coach visits to the nine USA Academy Clubs
  7. Make this relationship and partnership what we want.  It is and will be what we want it to be!

The rest of the day and stay in Rome was a visit to the Vatican City and a final fantastic dinner in Rome!

June 8, Monday:  Return to USA

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