2017-18 Competitive Tryouts

2017-18 Competitive Tryouts

Update 3/9/17

Tryouts will be different this year and we want to keep you informed as new updates arrive. 

At the Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA) Annual General Meeting (8/14/17), among a list of Bylaws & Rule changes, a tryouts rule change passed.

Rule 401.6 TRY-OUTS was changed:

  • FROM:  tryouts could not be held prior to the end of State Cup Finals or Memorial Day whichever occurred later.   For as many years as we can remember, tryouts have usually fallen on the Tuesday after Memorial Day and west through that week.
  • TO:  may hold tryouts on April 1st or after provided certain guidelines are met (e.g. all tryouts must be publically posted and players remain bound to their existing club for the balance of the current seasonal year).

This is a huge FYSA departure from prior years and there are complications of how this new rule may conflict with our abidance of other rules.  We have been in contact with FYSA for the past few months asking specific questions.  We have received some information plus we anticipate they will have additional information to relay soon.  We are waiting for that information before we begin to post the Chargers Tryouts Schedule.

Although no final decisions have been made and our current thoughts may change with any additional information from FYSA, our intent is to organize tryouts so that it minimizes as much disruption of our current teams' activities as possible - many great things for our players to still experience this season.  To that end, at this point, we feel that 4/1 may be too early for many of our teams.  We also believe it could be a something like a rolling schedule straddling April and May starting with the younger age groups and moving on to the older age groups, but we won't have final decisions made until we hear the final word from FYSA.  What we do know, though, is that tryouts this year will not be held all in one week for all age groups at the end of May.

All tryouts information & updates will be posted here.  Please check back for more information as it becomes available.