2021-22 Competitive Tryouts

The Chargers Soccer Club offers something that most clubs do not have the ability to offer.  As a regional club with community-based programs in 3 different counties, we have community-based teams playing in the leagues listed below, but we also offer opportunities across all 3 Charger Communities to pull together great talent no matter which Charger community is yours.  So, if you are looking to play:

  • at the highest level no matter where that team is based, Chargers SC has that for you;
  • on a community team in a high-level league based near where you live, Chargers SC has that for you;
  • on a community-based team as well as in a league and/or tournament team from other Chargers communities, Chargers SC has that for you;
  • at a club that gives you the regular opportunity to be identified for these other opportunities, Chargers SC has that for you.

With community-based teams and cross-community teams, whether it be league play in the following leagues or a tournament, Chargers SC can offer that to its players.  Because of proven success, the Chargers SC and its players continue to be offered opportunities in the best available National, Regional & Local programs and leagues.  

TRYOUTS for the 2021-22 Season

In preparation for next season, each separate Chargers campus holds their own annual competitive tryouts for the community-based teams.

The first step to locking in your child's Chargers community-based roster spot for next season is to attend the tryout sessions at your closest Chargers campus.

Click the link below for your Chargers campus to view that campus's tryouts dates/times by age group, field locations, etc. 

Please make sure to click on the right one as they are each have different schedules.




Chargers SC TAMPA Tryouts Page:  CLICK HERE