Goal Safety

Goal Safety

Goal Safety Public Service Announcement (PSA) - Please watch this powerful PSA Video about the Dangers of Unsecured Soccer Goals

This PSA features the family of six-year-old Zachary Tran of Vernon Hills, Illinois who died in 2003 when a goal fell on him. Zachary’s parents had no idea the goals were dangerous. And they are far from alone.

Please join us by watching & sharing this video!! 

Our children are around soccer goals all over the place (schools, parks, soccer clubs, etc.).  Even when organizations or municipalities are extremely diligent, soccer goals are moved around all the time and sometimes may not be properly, or quickly enough, re-anchored.  It takes all of us to be vigilant!!

EVERYONE, for the safety of all our kids, please take it upon yourself to double check each goal your child gets near and if you find them not properly anchored, please tell the club or park/field staff ASAP & ensure that the children stay away from it!  Thank you!