Need New Photos for Website & Social Media

Need New Photos for Website & Social Media

Hi All Chargers Families

Now that teams have begun or will be soon participating in their new season league play or tournaments, we need new photos of our great players & teams to post on the club website & social media . . . especially in their new uniforms! 

Throughout the season, please send them via email to and include your name, the campus & team name and what the photo is and where & when it was taken. If it is a special situation, please include a short blurb including the event name, etc.

In order to show best online, please make sure it is clear and close up and not too wide of a photo.

Some will be posted right away (especially the special situations ones with a blurb) and some will be included with other posts throughout the season. 

And if you are posting Charger photos on your social media, please tag the Chargers (@ChargersSC) and use this hashtag (#WeAreChargersSC) - so we can like and share your posts.


Kathleen Shelton
Business Manager
Chargers Soccer Club
My Chargers Photos Email Address: