Chargers Photo Contest

1/24/16 – 2/20/16

Chargers Photo Contest

Voting has concluded . . . and the winners are:

1st Place:  #44 (submitted by Alicia Suarez-MacKay)  $50 Best Buy Gift Card


2nd Place #1 (submitted by Jennifer Williams)  $30 Best Buy Gift Card

Honorable Mentions!

  #77 (Submitted by Lynne Donaghy)










  #43 (Submitted by Shaimaa Mohammad)






  #30 (Submitted by Tyler Brauneker)








  #45 (Submitted by Alicia Suarez-MacKay)








And then CLICK HERE to access the Voting Submission Form to submit your vote(s)!

Charger members can now submit ONE vote for 1st & 2nd favorite photos per player.  Non-parent coaches & staff, can also submit one vote.  Parents, if you have multiple players, please submit a separate Voting Submission Form for each of your players.  If it is determined that multiple votes were accidentally placed for one player, only the first Voting Submission Form will be counted. 

1st Place ($50 Best Buy Gift Card) or 2nd Place ($30 Best Buy Gift Card).

In this day of everyone having cameras and cell phones, we all have tons of terrific Charger photos.  One time I was snapping away at a game, not realizing what I had until I got home and said, “Wow, I can’t believe I caught that . . .”   

That what?  What have you caught in your photos?  That smile that says, ‘I love soccer.’ or ‘I can’t believe I did that.’  That family photo while heading to a game.  That special team celebration. That action shot that is amazing.  That shot that is just too precious.  It can be anything Charger related.

Well, here is a way to share and earn a prize - 1st Place ($50 Best Buy Gift Card) or 2nd Place ($30 Best Buy Gift Card).

As photos are submitted, they will be added to the photo gallery.  Click photo below to view.

Submit your best Charger-related photos (max 2 per your Charger player) that fall within the following categories for a chance to win:

  • That Special Moment
  • Being a Charger
  • Family Soccer Time
  • For The Love Of The Game
  • AAAAH!
  • OOOH!

Photo Contest Details:

  • Submit your best Charger Photos (max 2 for each of your Charger players) by:
  • Photos will be accepted from all Charger Competitive & Recreational families up through 2/20/16 – max of 2 per your Charger player(s).
  • Photos do not need to be current photos – just Chargers related.
  • Photos will be posted online (website & Charger social media channels)
  • Charger members will be able to vote for their favorite photo from 2/21/16-2/26/16 (one vote for each of your Charger players). A voting link will be provided at that time.
  • Winners announced & prizes awarded on 2/27/16.

For the privacy & protection of our players, no names will be used online to identify them.  When submitting a photo, you will be asked to submit a single sentence or phrase as your photo caption.  Your submission provides your permission to post your photo online for member voting.  Each photo (with your caption) will be numbered and posted on the club website as well as our social media channels.

Can’t wait to share your great photos!!

Kathleen Shelton
Chargers Director of Business