Coaching Clinic Moved

Postponed Again Due to poor weather

Coaching Clinic Moved
The clinic tonight (Tuesday, 12/11) with USF Head Coach Denise Schilte Brown is being cancelled tonight due to incoming poor weather and will be rescheduled at another time...possibly in early January.  We will let you know.

A special clinic by USF Women’s Head Coach Denise Schilte Brown and her USF coaching staff will be held at the New Tampa Community Park, Field #1 & 2 on Monday Tuesday, December 10 11 6pm - 730pm for the Chargers Soccer Club female players ages 9-14!
This clinic will focus on a talk by Coach Denise on empowering female soccer players through sport and developing leadership and competitiveness followed by a technical soccer skills circuit with possession, transition and finishing (click here for ATTACHMENT)!

PLEASE make plans to attend this worthwhile soccer clinic opportunity by one of the country’s leading Women’s Soccer Coaches, USF Head Coach Denise Schilte Brown!