The Chargers Soccer Club offers something that most clubs do not have the ability to offer.  As a regional club with community-based programs in 3 different counties, we have community-based teams playing in the leagues listed below, but we also offer opportunities across all 3 Charger Communities to pull together great talent no matter which Charger community is yours.  So, if you are looking to play:

  • at the highest level no matter where that team is based, Chargers SC has that for you;
  • on a community team in a high-level league based near where you live, Chargers SC has that for you;
  • on a community-based team as well as in a league and/or tournament team from other Chargers communities, Chargers SC has that for you;
  • at a club that gives you the regular opportunity to be identified for these other opportunities, Chargers SC has that for you.

With community-based teams and cross-community teams, whether it be league play in the following leagues or a tournament, Chargers SC can offer that to its players.  Because of proven success, the Chargers SC and its players continue to be offered opportunities in the best available National, Regional & Local programs and leagues.  

The following are the leagues our teams participate in:

  • Major League Soccer Development Academy (MLS Next) Program - The  Chargers SC 2020-2021 Development Academy will be the first season as a member of the MLS DA. This will be comprised of 60 MLS and Non-MLS Club Academies from around the country with the Chargers SC playing in the Southeast Division.  The MLS Next is comprised of  5 age groups, U13, U14, U15, U16/17 and U18/19.  The MLS Next Academy is a ten-month season that maintains the highest standards for competitions, coaching qualifications, Club organizational structure and player development.

    The DA U11/12 age group will play its second season in the Florida Academy League (FAL). This FAL is U11/12 league that adheres to the same highest standards and to prepare the players for the MLS DA.

    Player identification occurs in the winter/spring of each year to form the next season's teams, Ongoing player identification occurs throughout the season with Chargers communities teams and players that can be called in for training and games to compete at the highest youth level in the U.S.
  • Florida Club League (FCL) under US Club Soccer runs several competition levels in Florida, that our Chargers SC teams have an opportunity to participate. Listed below are:
    • ECNL Girls Regional League of Florida (ECNL-R Girls) includes ages at the U11 through U19, a competition platform across the State against other ECNL Clubs that provide a pathway for players to reach their fullest potential. This competitive platform allows for objective evaluation of new clubs for full ECNL membership in the future.
    • Florida Club League ONE - ages U13 - U19 for Boys and Girls. A state-wide travel league ( formerly NPL) consisting of the top-performing clubs in the state of Florida to provide top competition.
    • Florida Club League TWO - ages U13 - U19 for Boys and Girls. A state league (formerly FPL) that will be broken down into regions across the state of Florida. Main focus to target the top clubs in each region to create the best competition, while cutting down the travel.
    • Florida Club Development League - a specific regional league that  cater towards to U9 - U12 Boys and Girls. Teams will be placed in divisions that best fit their needs with close collaboration from their Club Director’s.

For all these leagues the players have both community-based and cross-community based team opportunities.  It is the best of both worlds.  Tryouts for this league is typically held in May.

  • Florida State Premier League (FSPL) - Florida teams making it to the Round of 16 of State Cup receive an invitation to join the Florida State Premier League.  Many Charger teams have received that invitation offering another opportunity for our teams to play in a league providing high-level competition.   Tryouts for this league are typically held in May.
  • CDL - As one of its charter members, the Club Director’s League continues to offer great opportunities for all our Youth Academy, Junior and Senior teams: Boys U7-19 and Girls U8-19..  Tryouts for this league is typically held in May.

  • Additional leagues are:  United Soccer Association (USA) & Sunshine Conference.

It is the league and program opportunities like these that better develop our players and set us apart from other local clubs. 

Tryouts are typically held in May.  For more information visit your Chargers community campus page:

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