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Chargers Admin Team Help Desk Ticket System

We’re your team.  You pass the ball to us.  We’re on it!

Click on the button below to submit a Support Ticket or email Support@ChargersSoccer.com.  To expedite the processing of your submission, please provide all pertinent information (e.g. which Charger community, team name, player names, etc.)  Thanks!

The Chargers Admin Support System is one central place for everyone to submit ALL requests for information, requests something to be processed or just ask a question.  The entire Admin Team is working within the system to timely respond to all requests submitted.  Examples of types of requests are listed below.  Attachments can be included with your request, as well.   

Requests Examples

General Parent Inquiries
General Team Manager Inquiries
General DOC/Coach Inquiries
Team Account Activity
Club Registration Fee or Billing Inquiries
Tryouts Inquiries
Extended Payment Plan &/or Scholarship Inquiries
Uniform Inquiries
Individual Charger Community Inquiries
FYSA Registrar Inquiries
US Club Soccer Registrar Inquiries
Got Soccer Team Account Inquiries
General Got Soccer Inquiries
Rec Soccer Program Inquiries
Volunteer Hours/Reimbursement Inquiries
Website or Social Media Submission
Other . . . for anything else you need

PLEASE NOTE:  Some corporate email server protection systems inadvertently block emails or send them directly to spam or trash.  ALL support ticket submissions receive an automatic acknowledgment response.  So, if you are using your work email address and you don't receive the acknowledgment email, please look for it in your spam folder.  Please add Support@ChargersSoccer.com as an acceptable email address so you will receive our response or input your personal email address to be sure.

ADMIN TEAM - Support@ChargersSoccer.com



Telephone #


Director of Business

Kathleen Shelton

(813) 444-8325


Competitive Registrar (FYSA)

Angela Church

(813) 727-7613


Competitive Registrar (US Club Soccer)

Fatima Rapuano

(727) 742-2955


Recreation Registrar 

Laurie Neth

(813) 373-8690


Member Billing, Collections & Payroll

Leslie Kaylor

(727) 433-2475


Team Account Bookkeeper

Gayle Brennan

(813) 698-7355


On-Site Administrator - Clearwater

Fatima Rapuano

(727) 742-2955


On-Site Administrator - Tampa

Kelsey Jones (813) 787-7169 Email

On-Site Administrator - Lakewood Ranch

Becky Johnson

(941) 224-6981