Cup Play Updates

Cup Play Updates

In addition to other post season tournaments, toward the end of every season, most competitive teams play in some form of Cup Play:  Region C Cup Festival (U9 & U10), Region C Cup (U11-U19) or State Cup (U13-U19). 

Below are updates to those events (most recent on top).  

Social Media:  Chargers, don't forget to send your photos & blurbs for us to post on our social media channels.  You can post to your Twitter & Facebook adding the tag "@ChargersSC" and we will add them to the clubs' timelines.  You can also text them to 813-444-8325 or email them to  Don't forget to provide your full team name including which Charger Community and your age group.  

Update:  3/20/16

Region C Cup Festival was played February 6 & 7.  There were 8 U9 & U10 Charger teams that chose to play in that event with great successes for all.

Region C Cup play began 2/2016.  463 teams were accepted to play from the Region C part of Florida.  26 of those teams were Charger teams.  Since the beginning of the competition weekends teams have been busy playing the initial rounds, the Round of 16 & Quarter Finals.  This weekend (March 19-20), they will play the Semi-Finals & Finals.  14 Charger teams made it to the Quarter Finals & 9 of those teams advanced further to the Semi-Finals.  Congratulations to all and, to those 9 teams, best wishes this weekend!!

** 7 of those 9 teams won their Semi-Final games and are moving on to the Finals on 3/20/16.  Good luck to all!!

 Are the teams that became Champions in their Finals game (3/20).  Way to go to all!!

Teams that advanced from the Quarter Finals moving on to the Semi-Finals

          TPA U12b Red - Div 2
** CLW U12b Red - Div 1

** HFC U14b Elite - Div 1

      ** CLW U14b Elite - Div 1
      ** CLW U14b Premier - Div 2
          CLW U15b Elite - Div 1
      ** HFC U15b Elite - Div 2
** TPA U12g Red - Div 1

      * HFC U16g Elite - Div 1

Teams that made it to the Quarter Finals

LWR U12b Red - Div 2
CLW U16b Premier - Div 1
TPA U17b Elite - Div 1
CLW U11g Red - Div 1
CLW U12g Yellow - Div 2

State Cup also begins this weekend and will be played through to May.  16 Charger teams will proudly represent the club in this event.  We’ll keep you updated.