Directions to Purchase Rowdies Tickets

After clicking on the Graphic above, following the directions below:

There are 2 types of tickets you could be going for:  
  • General Admission Tickets (Adult 18 or Youth $10) or
  • Special Seat Sections (at a slightly higher cost)
For both types of tickets you go in as follows:
  • Click on the link provided in an email or on the "Buy Now" graphic just above.
  • Then next to the game date of your interest, click "Find Tickets"
  • Type in the Chargers Promo Code of "Chargers15"
Then for:
  • General Admission Tickets  
    • click on either "GA" sections of the stadium seat map
    • Then, just to the right of the seat map graphic you will see the zoom in and out and directional arrows . . .use the directional left arrow to move the seat map pic to the right.  When you do that it will reveal a section of little dots that represent the # of GA seats.  See picture below - circled in red.


    • The dark blue dots are the number of available GA seats for that game.  Click on as many dots (seats) that you want to purchase and for each pick whether they are for youth or adult.  You may need to Zoom in a bit so that your cursor can land on one of the dots.  Please not there these are General Admission seats.  Although it appears you are choosing specific seats, you are not.  For GA tickets you can sit anywhere in the GA sections.
  • Special Seat Sections (the non-General Admission Seats)
    • Click on the section of interest (please note that all full sections will be grayed - available sections are colored dark blue)
    • Then click on a blue dot (which represents the available seats).
Once you have chosen all of the tickets you want to purchase, click "Add to Cart" and follow the payment directions from there.
Any questions, please feel free to call Ryan Helfrick, Director of Sales, at 813-287-1582 or email