2017 Summer Elite DA Soccer Camps

Chargers Development Academy
Elite Soccer Camps

Looking to grow as a player and be pushed to the next level? The Chargers DA staff will be offering Elite Summer Soccer Camps designed to improve the individual's technical, tactical, and positional play.

Dates, Times & Location


3 Camps:  June 5-9th,   July 10-14th   and    July 17-21st

Times:  9:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. for boys and girls

Location:  Camps will be hosted at Clearwater Campuses

For the 7/10-7/14 Camp:  Long Center, 1501 N. Belcher Rd., Clearwater, FL. 33765

3 different age divisions: 8-10, 11-14, 15-19 years old.

Cost (per camp): $ 175.00 before May 16th and $200 after May 16th.

Registration Form Link: CLICK HERE OR http://bit.ly/DA-2017-Summer-Camp-Form


To enhance the individual player’s technical abilities, tactical decision making and to improve their positional understanding and execution to make them more effective as players


Camps will be run by the Chargers DA staff members with a focus heavily on individual technical improvement and adding functional, tactical, and positional elements. Links to types of technical work below.


The sessions focus heavily on individual development. Players will receive over 10,000 touches on the ball at “game speed” every single day. Players will also learn how to apply proper technical execution within tactical situations, as well as applying within game models.

*We will only accept a limited number of players to each time slot to ensure the quality of the instruction, so please register quickly.

Who is this camp for:

The Chargers DA Camps are open to all players who want to be pushed in an elite training environment focused on improving the individual technical components of the game. The players will be expected to train and work at a very high level to force those around them to improve.

3 different age groups: 8-10, 11-14, 15-19. Players may be moved up or down to ensure proper competitive environment. For certain activities players of all ages will be mixed together when working on individual or isolated work. If smaller numbers in age categories, combined ages will occur.

Camp Model:

While we feel, it is imperative to ensure the environment we create promotes fun, creativity and passion, we create this environment within a well-structured, demanding training environment. The players will finish the week having been exposed to National level coaching and instruction. Our goal is for them to truly develop as players, while also enjoying the game.

The Camp focuses heavily on individual development, rather than just team games. Players will receive over 10,000 touches on the ball at “game speed” in the first hour alone. From there players are then put into small tactical situations, which continue to enhance the individual technique, while teaching small group tactical principles. These include 1v1s to escape pressure from behind, the side and in front, 2v2-4v4s and numerical overloads and underloads. Players are taught and coached how to be more effective in these situations and given ideas to promote individual problem solving. Next, players will experience “game like” functional training relevant to their position; losing a marker to create space to cross as a winger for instance. We want players to become a master of their position technically, tactically and in their understanding of their roles. Lastly, each day finishes with larger games ranging 5v5-11v11. This is the opportunity for players to put the technical, tactical, and functional work all together in the actual match. During these matches, we continue to coach the individual and the collective group to help them gain better understanding of the game.

*These matches will also be filmed on certain days and made available to players for video analysis after the camp.

*Players will also have access to technical exercises digitally throughout the rest of the year.

Camp Staff:

Our Camp staff is made up of ex-professional, nationally licensed top coaches. Our staff coaches have coached at the highest levels in America, including the Development Academy, College Soccer and with the US Youth National Teams. They are committed to truly teaching and guiding each player to improve while encouraging a passion in the game. Players will leave the camp having received top level instruction to further develop their career.