TPA Chargers O-50's Volunteer For Light Project

TPA Chargers O-50's Volunteer For Light Project


Pictured are some of the Tampa Chargers O-50 players working at the concession stands at the Rowdies game on February 13 to continue to raise funds for the Tampa 30th Street Light Project.  Way to go guys!!  You are absolutely awesome!!


30th Street Light Project - GoFundMe
Posted 1/23/16

The Tampa Chargers' adult teams are spearheading a drive to raise funds to repair the floodlights at 30th Street Fields (behind Pepsi-Yuengling).  

Charlie Robinson, past board member and continued O-50 team player, initiated the original light project almost 25 years ago.  Now almost 25 years later of wear and tear on those lights (not to mention the difficulty of finding replacement parts), the Tampa Chargers adult teams are working, once again, to rejuvenate the current tremendous 30th street light needs.
Our Chargers O-40 player, Martin Clewis, is an electrician. Martin will purchase equipment needed and organize the repairs. We also need to rent a bucket truck to get aloft. 
The whole project will cost about $4,000-$5,000.  With the link below, plus other pledges, we have about $1 thousand so far. Can you help? 
Chargers are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.  If you contribute this year in December, your contribution will be tax deductible when you file your 2015 tax return. 
You can contribute electronically on GoFundMe Link -> Click here to support Fixing the Lights at Chargers 30th St Field

UPDATE 1/23/16:  Phase 1 of the repair began today and they made some good progress despite wind today. In this first phase, they were to add 3 LED fixtures, replacing bad bulbs and redirecting some lights to at least have one well-lit field. We will also determine if non-functional lights just need a new bulb or have a ballast problem, which will not be worth fixing. Then we will know how many more LED fixtures to raise money for to compete the repair (Phase 2).